The Planes

Sukhoi SU26M

The SU26M remains one of the most capable unlimited aerobatic designs to date, limited only by their shrinking numbers. In the hands of Rick Volker, this aircraft can do maneuvers that other planes can not duplicate, due to a combination of a wing made for high lift at extreme angles of attack and a huge propeller that provides a 1:1 ratio of static thrust.

Rick exploits these traits to demonstrate complex signature maneuvers that defy description: Giant cartwheels, rolling loops, horizontal tail slides, and many others that will give the crowd a demonstration of flight that they will never see anywhere else.

There is no mediocrity here. Gone is the stamped out collection of maneuvers that can be seen anywhere at every air show. The wind and 3D space is used with rich choreography to create a visual masterpiece of flight. “Unlimited” will take on a new meaning.

Let Rick show you a flight display that you never thought possible and stimulate success at being all you can be in your own avocation.

Spitfire Mk IX

Often called the perfect mark of Spitfire, this model epitomized flexibility, precision, speed, and grace. The Mk. IX was just as happy flying at 80 knots as 350 knots. Rick used all of it in a turning, climbing display of beauty and power.

Harvard Mk. IV

Known as the T6-G in the USA, Rick expanded the envelope of maneuvers thought possible in this aircraft, flying a routine usually limited to high performance modern aerobatic aircraft. Avalanches, rolling turns, hammerheads with snap rolls, and vertical rolls were all staples of a one of a kind performance.

Messerschmitt Bf109E and G:

Notoriously difficult to handle, this fighter was the grand dad of all modern fighter aircraft. Rick demonstrated the incredible maneuverability and speed of both of these aircraft. The models he flew had original Daimler-Benz engines and are thought to be among the most challenging aircraft to fly in modern history.

Hawker Hurricane

A quirky combination of WW1 and WW2 technologies, this workhorse of a fighter was always under-rated. The success in battle proves its place in history. Rick has displayed the Hurricane with great attention to showing its unique personality.