Watching Rick Volker’s Harvard solo demo this year as an air boss and a show producer, I have to say it is the best solo T6 / Harvard act around. He takes this huge heavy airplane and makes it look nimble and quick. The photo passes are great with such a large and nicely painted plane, and the aerobatic maneuvers look almost impossible with such a heavy machine. As a pilot, it is impressive to watch knowing how difficult it is. Non-pilots love it because it is loud, lots of smoke, large and very close. I have watched Rick’s show improve over this year as he gets to know the airplane better and can push its limits farther and farther. I can’t wait to see what he can do with it next year!

David White

Waterloo Airshow - Waterloo, Ontario

Rick does things with a T6 that would seem impossible. He is to the T6 as John Mohr is to the Stearman. He keeps turning and maneuvering to stay right in front of the crowd. A professional and accommodating performer.

Joe Singerman

Eastern Townships Airshow - Bromont, Quebec